The College of Science concludes its Talent and Leadership Development Program

In cooperation with Total: Abu Dhabi

The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University concluded its training program on talent and leadership development, on Thursday, October 6, 2016. This is part of the series of workshops held by the college in collaboration with the Total Company in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, and a number of faculty and students attended the program in the College of Information Technology on the Al Ain campus.

The program was delivered by Professor Hervé Oberreiner from the Total Professors Association (TPA). It is designed to provide an expanded understanding of the development of talent and introduce the tools necessary for an integrated approach to honing talent and leadership. The program ran from October 3-6 and included a series of lectures addressing themes such as functional change planning, replacement planning and methods of evaluating performance at work.

Dr. Murad stressed that this program is important as part of the vision and mission of the United Arab Emirates University, whereby the institution strives to make a positive contribution to the development of the UAE through partnerships with various institutions and companies. This allows for the exchange of ideas, expertise and experience. He highlighted the college’s role in offering such intensive training courses, holding lectures and organizing field visits in order to prepare students for the job market.

Hatem Nusseibeh, President of Total UAE, expressed his delight in cooperating with the United Arab Emirates University in these courses. He said that, “We look forward to seeing an empowered generation with a set of management skills that can contribute to the development of the country”.

On the first day, the program included an introduction to leadership skills development. Day two saw a discussion on the movement of workers, while on the last two days, the lecturers talked about identifying and managing potential in an organization and how to develop future leaders.

At the end of the program, Dr. Murad honored Professor Hervé Oberreiner and distributed certificates to the participants who ranged from the faculty and staff to students of the university.


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