United Arab Emirates University launches "Reading medal" award

The Department Arabic Language and Literature in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at UAE University launched the Reading Medal Award as part of the objectives of the Arab reading challenge project. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, launched the project in the presence of Dr. Hassan Alnaboodah, Dean of the College, a number of faculty members and students.

Presented by Dr. Jamal Maqableh and Dr. Da’ed Al Nasser, The aim is to instill the Arab, Islamic and humanitarian understanding in its broad aspects.  Based on deep knowledge of life, the project’s goal is the creation of a knowledgeable student generation who have a broad cultural horizon from diverse sources.  In addition, it aims to create a spirit of competition among students in an atmosphere of understanding, cooperation and integration for development of cultural building of the nation.

Dr. Jamal Maqableh explained that the idea of the award emanates from the State’s trends in creating a generation able to meet challenges and compete for lead its institutions.  This generation should assume prominent positions in the various fields. This vision can be achieved only by an educated generation that reads with a conscious mind and soul. Dr. Maqableh stressed that the award comes in line with the University's vision that is always seeking to form its students into leadership positions with the ability of knowing the challenges of reality, and are able to go on with the light of knowledge, and the glow of passion of right and truth.

In turn, Dr. Da’ed Al Nasser explained the competition conditions: the contestant will present a reading initiative like reading of an "expressive image" or "painting" or "play scene” or something similar.  Also, they will present an article written about his/her experience in reading, and how to apply the literary and scientific materials read by showing his/her knowledge of the types of reading which reveals their deep ability in expressing his cultural vision. The contest has developed several conditions for the readings, such as the appropriate intellectual and cultural level, the diversity of its knowledge subject matter, and the applicability in their fields of scientific and literary styles, of multiple sources and methodology in writing, translation and publication.


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