Sports Activities Unit of United Arab Emirates University organizes Residential Units Mini Volleyball Championship

The Student Activities Department for Males organized the "Residential Units Mini Volleyball Championship", on Tuesday evening, 27/9/2016 at the Sports Complex.  In attendance was Mr. Ibrahim Mukhtar, Head of Sports Activities Unit, Student Activities’ staff, and the University’s students.

The Championship aims to attract students who have sporting talents and to discover distinguished athletes in order to let them join the University’s team.  The goal is to have students participate and gain experience in local and regional volleyball championships. This contributes to enhancing the mission of the University in discovering the talented and creative students in various academic fields and extra-curricular activities that enhance the spirit of noble competition through sports.

Mr. Ibrahim Mukhtar explained that "This mini Championship is the first phase of a planned program designed for preparing sports teams, including the volleyball team, for the Universities League, which will be held in the State during the academic year. Eight teams, of three players each, will take part in this Championship. The first and second players will play to the finals. The most talented students will be nominated to join the first volleyball team that represents the United Arab Emirates University".

The Championship’s games resulted in Omar Ahmed Al Balushi, Mohammed Jarallah, Ameen Safi, and Hussein Abdul Kader coming in first place and being awarded the golden medal and the Championship’s shield. Amer Abdul Latif, Abdullah Al Turkman, and Muhannad Al Hirbawi won second place and silver medal for the second team.  The tournament was under the supervision of the coaches Ahmed Ayadi and Captain Mohsen Abdel Azim of the Sports Activities Unit at the University.

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