The College of Food and Agriculture holds a meeting with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

To actively participate in developing research solutions,

The College of Food and Agriculture at the United Arab Emirates University held a meeting with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, on Sunday, September 25, 2016. Prof. Wissam Ibrahim, Acting Dean of Food and Agriculture College, Dr. Aisha Abushelaibi, Vice-Dean, departmental heads and faculty members all attended.

Prof. Wissam Ibrahim stressed that this cooperation between the two universities aims to strengthen partnerships with other prestigious educational institutions. He also pointed out that the College is currently organising an exchange program for a PhD student from the University of Tokyo, who will conduct research on dates.

He added that the College of Food and Agriculture is a suitable environment for conducting scientific research, given the facilities and research tools available. In addition, UAEU offers a rich cultural environment to all students, so that they can develop both academically and socially.

It is also worth noting that the aforementioned PhD student is the first from the University of Tokyo to conduct research in the area of dates, and that the College will provide him with all the necessary equipment and information for his research. This will enhance the role of the United Arab Emirates University in laying the foundations of a knowledge-based and competitive economy, based on innovation, scientific research, science, and technology.

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