The United Arab Emirates University launches the world’s largest Atlas of Horse Diseases

A key reference book from the College of Veterinary Medicine

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The United Arab Emirates University has launched the world’s largest Atlas of Horse Diseases, approved by SPANA), a British institution concerned with horse welfare. This atlas, written by Dr. Sameeh Abu Tarbush, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine in the College of Food and Agriculture, has an ISBN and will be distributed globally to colleges of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Tarbush pointed out that this atlas was important because it covered a wide range of diseases affecting horses, their diagnosis and treatment. It includes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; the respiratory system; skin; the nervous system; the reproductive system and musculature. It also covers diseases of the eye, endocrine glands, bones, heart and blood vessels. There is a chapter addressing foals and neonatal diseases. He noted that this atlas is the fruit of UAEU’s efforts to support scientific research and that it furthers the transfer of knowledge and skills to the wider community. He added that this is an encyclopedia.

The atlas was designed by the UAEU press and consists of 12 chapters. The author explains how to identify diseases; treatment and diagnosis by X-ray; tomography; magnetic resonance; nuclear radiation and pathological anatomy. There are coloured images making up 2,650 high-quality images in total.

The author has written five previous books on veterinary medicine, which have been published in America and Canada. Additionally, he has co-authored eight other books. He also has more than 56 papers in international journals to his name and was the discoverer of a new method for diagnosing colic in horses using through ultrasound. He is also an expert on diseases in cattle and discovered West Nile Virus in horses in Canada.

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