The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at United Arab Emirates University organizes an introductory meeting for new faculty members to provide an effective learning environment for students

On Thursday, September 1st, 2016, the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at UAEU organized an introductory day for 30 new faculty members about excellence in teaching and learning in the College of Information Technology on campus.

This meeting introduced attendees to the most important methods used to improve teaching and learning and thus to achieve excellence by providing an effective learning environment for students. It also aimed to familiarize those present with the objectives and tasks of the Center’s main activities of the year. These will help to provide a distinctive academic environment to support faculty members in developing their skills in line with UAEU’s vision to adopt the best learning methods which, in turn, will raise the quality of higher education.

The meeting included discussion of the most important methods used in excellent education for students and the most important ways to attract the attention of students towards the lecturer. Statistics have shown a significant decrease in student focus during lectures so the main reasons that led to this decline were discussed, and solutions were proposed that develop and improve students’ concentration. This may include changing the way of explanation every 20 minutes and using a variety of teaching methods. The meeting also addressed effective ways to enrich the content of educational material as well as a consideration of virtual learning, its methods, and effects on students.

The University’s CETL provides conferences, lectures and specialized training for interested groups along with workshops that provide the latest information. The Center is keen to provide a dynamic learning experience that is attractive to UAEU students, in addition to providing professional development for faculty in all disciplines.

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