The National Innovative Strategy: United Arab Emirates University opens government Innovation Laboratory

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Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, opened the government Innovation Laboratory, on Thursday morning, September 22nd.  This is working within the framework of the University’s contribution in the National Innovation Strategy to make the UAE among the most innovative countries in the world.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili stated that the Laboratory will be a platform for launching the creative ideas of the University community, the local institutions in Al Ain City, and anyone who wants to benefit from the Laboratory’s capabilities.  He added that "The Innovation Laboratory is a societal contribution by the first national university to provide an environment that supports innovation in all subjects and areas that may serve the State's strategy. Since the United Arab Emirates University is always pioneering in supporting the ideas and policies of the government, it has established this Laboratory to make innovation a government practice and a strong institutional culture.  It also aims to enhance the effectiveness of planning and implementation in all government areas, and find solutions to the challenges faced by the institutions and authorities of the State".

His Excellency, the Vice Chancellor said: "We will follow up on all brainstorming sessions and workshops, in order to support the creative ideas and turn them into reality."  He called on all interested parties to make use of the technological infrastructure provided by the Laboratory.

The Laboratory has been equipped with the latest technology for stimulating innovation, three halls for brainstorming sessions, and innovative workshops. The Laboratory will serve all institutions in the State, so they can benefit from the University’s expertise, ideas, and tools.

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