The College of Education of United Arab Emirates University organizes lecture on optical waves’ impact on reading "Irlen Syndrome"

Preparing Graduates to be Pioneers in Their Majors

 The Department of Special Education of the College of Education of the United Arab Emirates University, in cooperation with the "ALF" Center for Special Education in Dubai, organized a lecture on the "Impact of Optical Waves on the Reading Skill – ‘Irlen Syndrome’", on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at the female College of Education. The lecture was attended by Prof. Mohammed Al Zyoudi from the Department of Special Education, Ms. Mona Kazim, Learning Difficulties Specialist from "ALF" Center for Special Education in Dubai and a number of faculty members and students from the Special Education Department.

This lecture aimed to educate special education students about the impact of optical waves on the reading skill, known as the "Irlen Syndrome", its early detection, and how to deal with it, so as to enable them to work and help children and individuals with special needs in the community. This would help to prepare students academically to be distinguished pioneers in their majors as well as prepare them socially to have successful lives.

Ms. Mona Kazim explained the phenomenon of the "Irlen Syndrome" and the difficulties associated with the perceptual process. She also reviewed the latest results of global studies and the basic facts associated with the syndrome, the modern methods and techniques of treatment and the symptoms that arise, as well as the need to use special glasses called "Irlen Lenses" to correct and cure perceptual dysfunction.

Ms. Kazin also explained that "photosensitivity syndrome" can influence a person’s ability to read and write, and can cause cognitive deficiency which, in turn, leads to learning difficulties. The photosensitivity syndrome is defined as dysfunction in cognition that affects a person's ability in many things including reading, writing and clear vision.

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