The College of Science holds an open academic meeting for its students with faculty members

The College of Science at United Arab Emirates University organized an open house for the college students on Tuesday September 6th, 2016. The purpose was to introduce them to the various departments and scientific disciplines, systems, procedures, new disciplines and scientific programs.  In attendance were Dr. Ahmad Murad, Dean of the College, faculty members and heads of scientific sections.

Dr. Murad noted that the College’s current academic plan aims to achieve leadership and excellence in scientific research across its various scientific programs and specialties.  This involves the periodic review of all scientific curricula, and adapting it in accordance with the highest international classification standards to ensure the implementation of the national strategy for scientific research of the UAE until the year 2021.  The College is working to develop its training programs to prepare graduates with research skills and scientific knowledge to supplement the national labor market by meeting different needs and specialties for various priority sectors in order to contribute to the community.

During the meeting, more than 25 research and scientific programs, initiatives and projects that promote students interest in scientific research were introduced. The College’s students were informed about the scientific scholarship abroad programs "TA Programs" provided by the University for its students to complete postgraduate programs of Master and Doctorate degrees.  The students who have completed these programs and scholarships has exceeded 70 students from various scientific disciplines, and many have returned to work as faculty members of the various scientific disciplines in the College.

The meeting also introduced the students to a series of scientific workshops to be held during the current academic year, as well as programs for 10 effective students to work with faculty in the College by participating in scientific research, through which they will develop scientific research skills.  The students were also introduced to the latest academic programs to earn a Masters degree in Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Geophysics and biotechnology.  These programs are internationally accredited in the United Kingdom and the United States and Canada according to the academic ranking of scientific programs at the College.

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