To promote Abu Dhabi’s vision of sustainability the United Arab Emirates University launches a sustainability club for students

The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University launched a sustainability club on Wednesday 28th of September. 2016. Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science; Dr. Ruwaya Al Kendi, Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, members and faculty were in attendance at the Al Ain campus.

Dr. Murad said that this club is the first of its kind at the university and is due to the university encouraging students to participate in sustainability and spread awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability. He noted that the College of Science is committed to supporting such initiatives.

Dr. Al Kendi said that, “sustainability comes from a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to nurture sustainable thinking in the youth community and to encourage social responsibility through the exchange of experiences and expertise.” She added that student involvement is central to the educational process.

The club board consists of a female students divided into four different units headed by Amal Al Rajaei. This was decided in order to better organize activities and events related to sustainability and to facilitate cooperation and promote environmental awareness with the local community.

Also, the College of Science organized an exhibition of summer research projects (the SURE Program), with 13 research projects. These included the ‘DNA barcode for Palm Weevils’ project, a study of how to contain the Corona Virus  during pilgrimage, the development of a miniature device to estimate lead ion content in wastewater, research on a hydrogen sulfide gas detector and a study concerning adjustments of the heart electroencephalogram, among other projects.


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