UAEU and Dubai IACAD work together to support innovation

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The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai (IACAD) signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance innovation in terms of Islamic affairs and charitable activities.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of UAEU by Professor Dr. Mohamad Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the university, and on behalf of IACAD by Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh Shaibani, Director General of the department.

The memorandum stresses the partnership between the two parties and supports innovation and joint activities. The memorandum stressed youth project investment and initiatives for Emiratis.

Prof. Albaili praised the role of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in the Dubai organization at both local and international levels and its role in strengthening knowledge, research and innovation, especially in terms of their vision and values in the service of religion and spreading knowledge throughout the UAE.

Dr. Shaibani praised the role of UAEU in preparing graduates who are aware of their citizenship responsibilities towards the UAE and spreading knowledge. He emphasized the depth of the relationship between the two institutions.

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Dec 13, 2017