Professor Albaili: “You are the National Treasure of this Country”

UAEU Welcomes New Faculty and Students

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UAEU welcomed 32 new, and 9 visiting, faculty from a variety of prestigious international institutions as part of the university’s vision to be a leader in Higher Education and Scientific Research. The university also welcomed new students and their parents for Academic Year 2017-2018. His Excellency Professor Albaili, Vice Chancellor of UAEU, Deans and a number of academic and administrative leaders were all present.

In his speech, Professor Albaili said that, “one of the university's roles is to support faculty members in scientific research and to provide an environment to enhance innovation. Faculty are key players in the educational process and help to hone students’ skills and abilities. UAEU strives to provide the UAE with qualified graduates who can promote sustainable development and meet the future needs of the UAE job market”.

He urged students to serve the UAE, take care of their GPA, conduct research and participate in university activities, voluntary activities and community service. UAEU provides the environment and facilities to encourage students to take part in such activities. He was quoted as saying, “you are the national wealth and future hope for this country. The leadership of the UAE has provided all the necessary facilities to further your roles the future of our industries”. He encouraged students to be creative and excel at university.

UAEU has organized activities to be held in the coming week at a number of colleges and hostels. There will also be a ‘New Student Festival’ including heritage activities, health education, fun corners and guided tours of the campus. Students can also see the play, ‘I am Proud to be a University Student’ and find out about academic counseling as they start their university life.

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