College of Food and Agriculture Week 2017

Under the patronage of United Arab Emirates University Vice Chancellor Professor Mohamed Albaili, the College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) organized a Week of Food and Agriculture 2017, as part of the university’s Innovation for Happiness initiative.

The event opened on Monday 13 February in the presence of CFA Dean Professor Bhanu Chowdhary, UAEU teachers, staff and students, schoolchildren, and representatives from  agricultural and medical institutions, as well as food and grocery stalls.

Professor Chowdhary said that the annual festival aims to enhance educational and cultural awareness in the fields of food and agriculture, and is considered a good opportunity for students to promote their research projects, and introduce their different specializations and departments to an audience.

He added that this yearly event serves as a link between companies and institutions, and promotes social interaction, which helps enable the exchange of expertise, and encourages scientific cooperation.

In 2017, the focus of the event was on the themes of innovation and happiness, within the field of food and agriculture. The three-day festival  had a range of interesting stands to visit, where you could learn about nutrition, health, organic agriculture, gardening, food security, animal health, and the nutritional future of the region. There was also a photographic exhibition, a corner for interior specialized gardens, a health food corner, an animal dissection corner, and a date palm tree competition.




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