CETL Organizes Orientation for New UAEU Faculty Members in 2nd Semester 2017

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized an orientation of services and programs available to new faculty members, at the College of Information Technology Building in January in the presence of number of faculty members and center administrators.  

CETL director Professor Hassan Selim, said that the orientation aimed to show how CETL’s services and programs help prepare faculty members of UAEU colleges to develop their teaching and learning methods, and to facilitate modern uses of smart learning through training courses offered by the center. He added that these courses foster the professional development of faculty members and provide them with an effective and comprehensive educational environment for their students so that they have the best chance of becoming leaders in their communities in the future.

The orientation included an introductory presentation of the establishment of CETL in 1990. It explained in detail the organizational structure as well as the initiatives adopted by the center, such as smart learning courses, transferring courses to Blended Learning, and developing faculty members’ skills by using modern technology and applications in their teaching. There was also an introduction to Blackboard, which manages the academic content of the courses and academic programs.

CETL seeks to provide an interactive educational experience for students and faculty members, and to motivate people, and develop their professional skills in transferring the learning process to an integrated system which supports educational outcomes, and enriches the lives of students and teachers to the highest academic and professional standards. 



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