UAEU organizes Orientation for Graduate Studies Programs and Workshops for Internship Students

Professional Development Office at College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized an orientation of graduate studies programs and number of lectures and workshops for internship students in the college during this week to prepare the students to be distinctive in their specializations, leaders and productive in their societies. The event was held with the participation of trainers and concerned faculty members. 

Dr. Fadwa Al Mughairbi- Assistant Professor in Psychology and Counseling Department and Assistant Dean for for Research and Graduate Studies in College of Humanities and Social Sciences - presented,  during the orientation of the graduate studies programs, a presentation about the various graduate programs in the college which offer the students the chance to have a new educational experience that help them in their jobs and careers through different ideas and skills that may effect their professional life positively.  Faculty members from the college demonstrated group of programs and specializations offered for Master and PhD students, procedures, terms and laws related to the admission to these programs.

The Professional Development Office also organized a workshop titled "Job Ethics" presented by Dr. Fadwa Al Mughairbi-Assistant Professor in Psychology and Counseling Department. The workshop explained the definition of job ethics and indicated that  it is a methodological concept concerned with the ethical consequences of the decisions. These consequences can be limited in case a damage or harm may occured to the people concerned with these decisions. They are benchmarks of the ethical attitude ie the attitude which may be accepted by the society in a professional frame  that fosters the student ability in acquiring professional skills and implementing ethical principles in work environment. Dr. Al Mughairbi advised the students on the ethical standards that the student should follow in internship and presented samples of ethical charters of some jobs and specializations in UAE such as "Media Charter", "Medical Ethics", Psychologist Ethics" and Lawyer Ethics".

As part of the professional lectures and workshops, Dr. Hamzeh Dodeen presented a workshop titled "CV and job interview" which highlighted developing students skills in how to prepare a professional CV in accordance to current job market. He also presented a sample of CVs and explained the components of the CV and how to prepare each part. The workshop demonstrated methods of developing students skills in how to make a successful interview through offering the required training and skills and how the applicant should prepare for the interview.

Dr. Hasan Ali from College of Humanities and Social Sciences gave a lecture titled "Charisma" which aims at developing the required skills to strengthen the relationship with colleagues in particular and other people in general by raising self-esteem and using proper language in dealing with others. The lecture also demonstrated the development of the Charisma which makes the person able to achieve his professional goals and encourage people to adopt his ideas and become a role model in a harmonized and cooperative environment.


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