UAEU Launches Comprehensive Electronic Program for Academic Advising

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UAEU Vice Chancellor Professor Mohamed Albaili launched a program for academic advising called Degree Works on Sunday 15th January in the presence of deputies of the Vice Chancellor, deans of colleges and a number of faculty members and students. The program works as an interactive instrument to enable students and academic advisors to track the student academic journey as well as planning and tracking the student's study plan.  

Professor Albaili said that the program will develop the academic advising process, facilitate the auditing process, and offer academic advice to students, which will help them and save them time and effort, as well as raise awareness among students of the importance of registering for the correct courses according to the student’s academic needs and level.   

He added, "We hope that the program will achieve the expected results for the students and the university. It will not replace the role of the academic advisors in helping and counselling students on how to prepare their study plans according to their abilities and professional goals.” He thanked the enrollment deanship for their efforts in designing the program and helping the students to register for it.    

Degree Works is a comprehensive electronic program that provides students with academic advice with courses completed by students according to their study plan, and suggests the courses that the student should register for in order to graduate in the specified time.

During the event, there were sessions explaining the Degree Works program, a session for students who are struggling academically, and a session for registration rules and other enquiries. The exhibition will last for one week so that all students will have a chance to benefit from its services. 

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