UAEU Students honored with an Excellence Award for Geospatial Applications in the US


A number of UAEU Students were presented with the Excellence Award for Geospatial Applications which is an awards for special achievements in Geospatial Systems (SAG) for developing a 3D model using UAVs. The award ceremony took place at Azri International Conference 2017, which was held from the 10th -14th July in San Diego, California, US.

The student delegation participated in the activities of Azri International Conference 2017 under the patronage of the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center. The participation aimed to highlight the achievements of UAE youth and the development in the education sector in the field of Geographic Information Systems in Abu Dhabi. Participating in all of the project stages, the students developed an interactive 3-D map of UAEU campus in Al Ain using Azri software and UAV technology. The project was part of the graduation project and was linked to the UAEU website.

Dr. Hassan Al Naboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, confirmed that the students’ participation in the preparation of a three-dimensional model of the campus is a scientific leap that adds to the students' knowledge of the latest Geospatial applications. He referred to the important role of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in achieving the UAEU’s mission to contribute positively to the progress of the UAE by preparing pioneer graduates in their fields of specialization.

Al Naboodah also praised the role of the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center in supporting and training students during the project stages, thus enhancing the mutual partnership between the Center and the University to prepare national cadres capable of dealing with innovative technologies and software in the job market.

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