The Continuing Education Center Hosts an Open Day for 2017 Summer Challenge Students in Al Ain

The Continuing Education Center (CEC) organized an open day for the 2017 Summer Challenge Program on Monday the 17th of July in the Multaqa Building at the United Arab Emirates University. This was in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and included Dr. Nabil Al Bastaki, Director of the CEC, representatives from ADEC, students and parents. The Summer Program ran from the 2nd to the 20th of July and was attended by 3000 grade 8-11 students from schools in Al Ain.

Dr. Al Bastaki praised the students for investing their holiday time in activities for their own benefit and also for the benefit of society as a whole. He urged them to develop their talents. The Summer Challenge Program is a chance for students to take part in scientific, artistic, cultural and sporting activities. He further pointed out that by offering courses such as Future Leadership, Social Media Websites, Entrepreneurship, 3D Printing, Microsoft Office, Graphics and an Introduction to Innovation (a new course this year) the program aims to inculcate good values and ethics such as volunteering. It also aims to develop both individual and collective skills.

The open day involved educational workshops such as IELTS preparation, English Language, ICDL and a Social Media Websites course in addition to a number of art workshops such as Decoupage – the art of cutting and pasting paper in an artistic manner. There were also Arabic Calligraphy workshops, a cinema and a games corner.

Female students presented projects including the Zaman El Tayebeen Shop for heritage products, a Three-Dimensional Printing Project and a project to encourage agriculture and preserve the environment. Additionally, there was a Happiness Nut project, a Bookshop to sell used books, Master Chef and My Plates to teach culinary arts and the Juices For You project. During the Summer Challenge Program these projects were related to life skills and the creation of marketable products and services such as the recycling of plastic and metal cans, as well as other projects to encourage creativity and innovation.  

The Summer Challenge Program also involved sports and educational activities in a safe, organized, social and stimulating environment. These activities were aimed at students from many different grades in Al Ain schools. A closing ceremony was held in the theater of the College of Law in the Islamic Institute to reward participants with certificates of appreciation for their part in the 2017 Summer Challenge.

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