Mubarah, a startup from UAEU Science & Innovation Park organize a football Ramadan Challenge

Mubarah, a startup from UAEU Science & Innovation Park organized a Ramadan Challenge tournament in Al-Ain at the Islamic Institute stadium as part of the launch of their company app.

The tournament was from June 4 to June 13, daily from 10:30 pm after Taraaweeh prayers until 12:00 am. 20 teams participated in the tournament with each team consisting of 8 players.  The closing ceremony was held on June 13 with the UAEU Science and Innovation Park Director, Dr. Shawqi Kharbash in attendance. Prizes for the first, second and third place were distributed and certificates for all participants.

Mubarah is an emerging Emirati company aspiring to stimulate and increase sports activities in the community by creating a social sports network for amateurs. For the first time in the region, players will get the chance to create, join and challenge other teams within a time preference of their choice. Mubarah provides the users with a wide variety of fields to choose from that fits their schedules in three simple clicks.


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Dec 13, 2017