UAE leadership desires to place education among top priorities: UAEU chancellor

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Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, UAEU, has stressed the desire of the country’s leadership to place education at the top of its cultural renaissance priorities at a UAEU retreat in Dubai. 

The brainstorming retreat discussed the future vision and strategic plan of UAEU’s continuing development, in accordance with the UAE’s national agenda to place education as one of its top priorities to adopt an advanced education system based on research and innovation, and to contribute to sustainable development and a knowledge-based economy. 

Al Noaimi confirmed that rapid developments require preparing future generations to be equipped with new and various tools, and knowledge and skills, enabling them to achieve success in an entirely different world from the one today. 

He also called for an emphasis on science, engineering and advanced technology programmes, as well as national and positive values. 

The retreat was attended by Dr. Mohamed Al Bialy, University Director, members of the university’s boards, deans of faculties, members of its faculties’ consultative councils, as well as its strategic partners from the public and private sectors. 

The retreat reviewed the main trends that contribute in shaping higher education in the UAE, as well as future labour market trends within the framework of the nation’s ambition plan, UAE Centennial 2071.


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