Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, said that the Year of Giving is a concept endorsed by the national leaders.

United Arab Emirates University Chancellor His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi said that the concept of the Year of Giving is an approach pursued by the leaders of goodness, spearheaded by UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and that our leaders founded the values of giving and social responsibility towards all segments of UAE society, and all the people around the world. His Excellency Al Noaimi said, "We are highly confident in the role played by the Emirati sons and daughters of the late Sheikh Zayed, to reflect their love for their country through giving and goodness in the state, and through the humanitarian principles they possess which are reflected in the volunteer work they do in stricken countries." Dr. Al Noaimi added, "The Year of Goodness’s objectives and vision are in line with the vision of the first national university in terms of carrying out social responsibility and transferring knowledge for community service, and the United Arab Emirates University will remain an incubator for generations of goodness, through providing the community and the whole world with its needs, in terms of research and knowledge, so as to remain a scientific and intellectual beacon founded by the leaders of goodness. He revealed that the UAEU will offer several initiatives in 2017, the Year of Goodness, that would strengthen the cohesion and solidarity among all segments of society, and contribute hand in hand with all public and private institutions in the country to supporting the initiative. 

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Aug 8, 2018