A Garden and a Zoo Coming to UAEU

The College of Food and Agriculture (CFA) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized an open day recently to introduce students to their programs and activities.

Professor Bhanu Chowdhary, Dean of the CFA, stressed that this open day was an opportunity to introduce the college and its research activities. The CFA is one of the most prestigious food and agriculture colleges in the Middle East and its programs are academically accredited.

He added that, “As part of the CFA’s plan to transfer knowledge to the wider community, the college is working on creating a garden, a zoo and a veterinary hospital for the general public and school students.”

Dr. Mohammed Al Yahyaai, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, added that the college includes 700 students in its five academic programs and places great emphasis on improving their skills and providing them with academic support. The CFA offers cultural and academic opportunities through student exchange programs with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan.

Maitha Al Braiki, President of the CFA Student Club, pointed out that, “this open day is a chance to showcase activities and exchange opinions. It also helps students to gain experience and enhance their leadership skills.”


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