The Vice Chancellor attends the Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) Board Meeting

On April 9, the Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) Board Meeting 2018 was held in Sanya, Hainan Province, China. The meeting was attended by Prof. Mohamed Albaili, the Vice Chancellor of the UAE University, along with other presidents and representatives from all the fifteen founding member universities of the Alliance.

The Board Meeting was very productive where a good review of AUA’s progress, financial report for 2017-2018, and the budget for 2018-2019 were presented and approved.

The Board approved the programs of the Alliance for 2018-2019 in the domains of mobility, research collaboration, and strategy & policy.  These include more than 15 programs for students, scholars, and staff.  UAEU presented three programs that were unanimously approved, including a research fellowship program, a joint research program between UAEU and other AUA institutions, and a student overseas study program.  UAEU will announce the launching of these programs soon.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to apply for these programs.

In his remarks, Prof. Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University and the Founding President of the AUA, expressed his hopes that all members continue to support AUA just as they did in the first year, indicating that in the future, the AUA will attract more attention worldwide.

On the evening of the previous day, the Vice Chancellor, together with the representatives of the AUA member universities, met with Wang Lu, Vice Governor of the Hainan Provincial Government.

Last April, board members and delegates of the fifteen AUA founding institutions gathered in Beijing and jointly launched the AUA. It was a significant milestone in Asian higher education. From that day on, the fifteen founding universities have been working towards the mission of jointly addressing regional and global challenges by strengthening collaboration among each other.

AUA will work to enhance connectivity, promote knowledge exchange, nurture global leaders, and raise member universities’ regional and global impact. It is believed that more progress would be achieved in the coming years, and there would be many more exchanges of students, scholars and staff among the member universities such that every member institution will benefit from the growth of the AUA.

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