United Arab Emirates University Obtains Patent for Cooling Technology With High Efficiency Electronic devices

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The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has obtained a patent for a new technology relating to cooling electronic devices known as "thermal discharge ". This invention enables us to protect the cooling technologies with high efficiency devices from the faults caused by high temperatures and to develop their performance.

Dr. Salah Addin Al-Omari, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, said, "This invention will contribute effectively to the development of high-potential electronic devices for complex calculations, which may result from the severe heat on the electronic devices with the greater capacity of the arithmetic.

 Dr. Salah said "The scientific methodology used led the team to focus on material analysis and to explore the possibility of developing special materials that have the potential to cooling effectively and use them to perform high efficiency cooling duties." The emphasis was on the use of liquid metals, which lead to the idea of ​​invention, that helped us to overcome the obstacles related to the low thermal capacity of liquid metals in general, this has been done through an improvement process by incorporating them in innovative ways with changeable materials at low temperatures to meet cooling needs with high efficiency.”

He added: "The team has manufactured a miniature model and the laboratory has carried out experiments to study its effectiveness under various thermal conditions that established the effectiveness of this innovative technology. The results of these studies have been published in two designated international journals in addition to attaining an international patent for the USA, which was subsequently registered in both China and Japan in addition to the EU Patent Office.

Dr. Salah has worked at the research and development center of Mitsubishi Electric in Osaka, Japan, for three years that included a scientific journey in development and innovation.

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