UAEU organizes a workshop on ‘Future Trends in Higher Education’

As part of the Student Academic Success Program, the Independent Learning Center (ILC) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized a workshop titled ‘Future Trends in Higher Education’ on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at the university’s campus.

The workshop aimed to discuss the future trends in higher education in accordance with the educational changes brought forth by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the education field. It also dealt with ways of building partnerships with educational and professional entities to enhance their role in serving students and faculty members.

The workshop participants addressed various topics including, identifying the needs of faculty members and the capacities they are required to have, and promoting students’ motivation toward independent learning. They also discussed using modern technologies in effective communication and learning in order to encourage students to face the future challenges and the changes amid the rapid academic and knowledge advancements in different fields.

In addition, faculty shared their experiences on how they have created their unique characters amid having various cultures at UAEU. They covered issues like bilingual learning and teaching at UAEU, how the university can keep pace with the international language and cultural diversity and create a balance in using the English and Arabic Languages in education, and to what extent international students can be involved in the Arabic culture at UAEU.

A number of questions were raised about what students can expect in the 21st century pertaining the Fourth Industrial Revolution in education, how students can overcome leaning challenges, and the need to engage students in the learning process to prepare them for the future international competitiveness. These changes necessitate having high quality, innovative higher education strategies in order to graduate productive generations equipped with skills and knowledge to contribute to the establishment of a knowledge-based economy. These generations will also be able to effectively participate in both private and public sectors to enhance research projects, entrepreneurship and encourage all to be independent, opened-minded, tolerant and attached to professional ethics and their national identity.   

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