UAEU launches Peer Tutor Initiative

The Student Academic Success Program (SASP) of the University College at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in collaboration with the National Tutoring Association, USA, has launched the Peer Tutor Initiative for outstanding students.

Dr. Fatima Tayel, Director of SASP, stressed that the University College is constantly keen on developing students’ skills to the highest level possible, and encouraging students to get involved in the educational process. She pointed out that the university’s leadership plays an important role in preparing graduates who are capable of leading the future.

The new teaching strategy, Peer Tutor, through which students can assist their colleagues at the university, has been proven to effectively develop students’ academic skills, especially when a student (peer tutor) is guided on how to handle teaching other students.

The initiative targets outstanding students to help them become tutors and assistants in each semester offered at the university as well as at the UAEU learning centers. SASP has started by offering a professional training program to student tutors to provide them with theoretical and hands-on experience to become professional tutors and enhance their performance.

As part of their goals, the learning centers of SASP are committed to offer the best services and programs to support students in achieving academic success. This initiative is a significant step in achieving these goals through investing in those who work at the UAEU learning centers so that they may realize their potential and assist their peers in achieving academic success.


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