UAEU wins the Scientific and Cultural Achievement Award

The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation has announced that the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the winner of the Scientific and Cultural Achievement Award for 2016/2017.

Mr. Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Secretary-General of the foundation, explained that the university was selected as the winner following many meetings by the foundation’s board of trustees concerning the 237 nominees for the awards.

The UAEU was granted this prize due to the scientific and cultural values it sought to consolidate in the community, as well as to honor the university’s journey that started since its establishment in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as the first integrated national university in the country.

“The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation is immensely proud to select the UAEU as the winner of the award, coinciding with 2018 being declared as the Year of Zayed,” said Mr. Ahmad.

“Sheikh Zayed wanted the UAEU to be a federal university with an Arab and Islamic identity, as well as a source for intellect, culture and science,” he added.

Congratulating the university on winning the award, Mr. Ahmad pointed out that this is the first time the award has been granted to an educational institution, which came as a recognition of the role of these institutions in spreading knowledge and handing it down from generation to generation. This is the aim of the foundation as knowledge is the right of all and those who are creative in delivering knowledge should be awarded.

“UAEU has contributed to achieving the dream of the young country and preserving a prestigious standard for education that instills confidence in the power of knowledge and its role in vocational and intellectual leadership in all fields,” Ahmad added.

This announcement reflects the confidence of the foundation in the great role the university was and still is playing in preparing qualified national cadre occupying prestigious positions in UAE.

Since its establishment, the university placed a significant importance on improving its academic programs to be in line with the UAE society’s requirements, with the commitment to preserve the international academic standards, and the UAE’s values, policies and strategies.

The UAEU is keen to ensure that all the academic degrees it offers are in line with the international educational standards.

For more than 40 years, the university has been working on the dissemination of rigorous scientific knowledge based on solid foundations, and theories, that stemmed from the lofty goals for which it was established.. It has also enhanced the values of loyalty, encouraged students into scientific research and provided opportunities for success and development seekers. These sustained efforts have resulted in setting up of many research centers inside and outside the university and reflected on the reputation of the university as one of the top universities in the Arab World. 

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