UAEU participates in the 37th UAE Plantation Week

Professor Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), initiated on 7th March 2018 the activity named “Ghars Zayed” [Zayed Planting] to mark the 37th UAE Plantation Week. The event was attended by a number of UAEU leaders, colleges’ deans, research center directors and students. Professor Albaili and a number of the attendees planted 100 local and medical trees at the UAEU campus.

Professor Albaili explained that this event aimed to disseminate the culture of planting and highlight the importance of expanding green land in the UAE. “This activity, to celebrate the 37th UAE Plantation Week, represents a symbol of the Late Sheikh Zayed to commemorate his efforts in transforming UAE from a desert into a green heaven. It also reflects the continuation of his process and the approach of the wise leadership to secure UAE agriculture security and enhance sustainability.”

“The UAE government has adopted the latest educational programs in agriculture and supported UAE agriculture and environment research centers as well as the UAEU agriculture and environment programs.”  

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Aug 7, 2018