UAEU celebrates the International Day of Happiness and offers ‘Happiness and Quality of Life’ Course

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) celebrated the International Day of Happiness, which marks the 20th March with various activities organized by the UAEU’s colleges and centers. H.E. Professor Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, stressed the importance of this event as human happiness is ‘UAEU’s Central Focus’. “UAEU is committed to achieving happiness per a developmental and beneficial approach that combines it curricula, research and scientific publications, to consolidate the happiness values and cultures across the university community,” stated Professor Albaili.

“The UAE thanks to its wise leadership has become one of the first countries that consolidated the values of happiness and positivity to provide a happy environment for the entire society.” “The concept of Happiness is pivotal to our education process and one of the UAEU’s strategic goals to enhance values, behavior standards, build the students’ character whilst enhancing their knowledge and emotional intelligence to ensure that they are active and influential participants in the society.” The UAEU Vice Chancellor also announced that the UAEU will be offering a course named ‘Happiness and Quality of Life’, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The new course, to be one of the university’s general education courses, aims to stimulate happiness and positivity in students, and encourage them to adopt a happy, positive lifestyle, and help others to be happy. The university’ colleges and centers held a number of activities on this day. The Emirates Center for Happiness Research in collaboration with the College of Science and the Emirates Youth Council organized a youth circle to discuss ‘What is Happiness?’ from the youth’s perspective. A brainstorming session tiled ‘Happy Engineering’ was organized by the College of Engineering to share ideas on how to apply happy practices at the college.

The College of Education also organized a lecture titled ‘Happiness in and out of the Classroom” as well as other lectures delivered by specialized speakers in the field of happiness. UAEU students also participated in commemorating the happiness day, by launching an initiative to measure happiness, the ‘Happiness in a Picture Contest’ and the ‘Happiness Books Library’. The House of Music in Al Ain showcased paintings and performed musical pieces at the event, with the participation of school students.  

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