UAEU commemorates the World Water Day 2018

The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized a number of activities to mark the World Water Day 2018, with aim of exploring ways to preserve water, being a strategic issue, and to keep students up to date with the latest sciences and tools used in clean water resources.

Professor Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, explained that the college’s participation in this event aims to highlight the vital role of the water resources sector in supporting the UAE’s efforts to manage, develop and preserve water resources.

He stated that this day is a global event and opportunity to raise awareness and educate students and the society regarding water-related issues. Commemorating this day dates back to 1992, when the UN Conference on environment and development recommended having an international day for water. The UN General Assembly agreed and announced 22th March 1993 the first World Water Day. Since then, the UN committee of water resources identified a theme for each year to discuss current and future challenges through establishing a comprehensive approach to preserve, manage and develop clean water resources.

The UAEU College of Science held a field workshop to study well water features such as salinity, electric and thermal conductivity, and PH. A number of samples were taken to examine chemical features, microbes’ availability and to measure the concentration of radon gas of well water at the college’s labs.  The UAEU Facilities Management Department has established two wells in line with international standards; one of them is used as a water resource while the other is used to measure the change in groundwater level, wells’ efficiency and chemical and physical features.


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