UAEU holds an orientation on Hyperloop-one

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in collaboration with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) organized on Sunday 11th March 2018 an orientation on Hyperloop-one, themed ‘Have you ever imagined to travel from Al Ain to Dubai in 7 mins’.

The orientation, presented by Mr. Colin Rhys, President of Hyperloop-one, aimed to explore the future of transportation industry and brief the audience on the project f Hyperloop-one.

Dr. Naeema Al Darmaki, College of Engineering, UAEU, explained that this orientation ‘opens avenues between the UAEU and the transportation industry through promoting collaboration in various fields including providing student internship and conducting research in order to prepare a qualified national cadre capable of overcoming the future challenges of transportation industry in the fourth industrial revolution.

Mr. Rhys gave an overview of the history of transportation revolution and the company’s future vision. According to him, the Hyperloop-one will enable passengers to travel between the emirates in special pods at 1,200 kilometers per hour. A journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will take only 12 minutes and 7 minutes from Al Ain to Dubai.

The full-scale Hyperloop test structure measures 500 meters long, with a diameter of 3.3 meters. It weighs over one million kilograms. The infrastructure will be made up of large tubes that run between destinations, and the pods will hover in these low-pressure tubes.

This technology will transform the face of high-speed transportation and change the world by connecting people and making their lives easier.      

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