UAEU’s College Of Education opens the Early Childhood Laboratory

Coinciding with World Children's Day

The College of Education opened the Early Childhood Laboratory, which coincided with the World Children's Day with the faculty members and a number of students in attendance.

Dr. Najwa Alhousani, Chair of the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction at the College, said “On November 20, every year, the world celebrates Children's Day". This day was approved by the United Nations. It was the day on which the International convention on the Rights of the Child was signed. UAE to ensure children's right to life, survival and development, providing the necessary opportunities, and enjoying a safe and developed life, issued Federal Law No. (3) Of 2016 on Child rights as well as raising the child’s awareness of their rights, obligations and duties in their community life”.


She further added: "The UAE gives special attention to children through this law and other laws, which include the child's right to life, physical and psychological integrity, education, and provided all methods to achieve this through the institutions of society. It also ensures the provision of health services in accordance with international standards, providing free high quality education opportunities, taking care of kindergartens, raising the age of compulsory school attendance to the ninth grade, and taking care of the economic aspects of the society to ensure a good life for all children.

"It is an exceptional day in the world. It is a day to celebrate the basis of the future," said Hanan Kazim, a student at the Faculty of Education. She said that "The child in the UAE has remarkable care, so celebrating this day is a reflection of the importance of childhood".

It is worth that the United Arab Emirates University - as an educational beacon - disseminates the culture of child rights through its official educational programs, has core courses to promote awareness of those rights, care and educational skills of children of both genders at early ages.  The university organizes various activities like, awareness programs, seminars, forums, conferences and training courses for children and among the specialized programs in this area given by the College of Education is a program designed for the preparation of early childhood teachers.

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