UAEU’s CETL holds faculty professional development workshops

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) held on Thursday 11th October 2018 a series of workshops with the aim of developing professional skills of faculty members of all disciplines.

The workshops on Blackboard delivered by Ms. Stacey Kalkwoski, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Ms. Sayeeda Nathu, University College, focused on creating and managing tests, surveys and assignments for class. The two presenters’ hands on workshop helped faculty members create different types of questions that could be utilized in both tests and surveys.

The workshops were then followed by Dr. Hilal El Hassan’s workshop on creating and grading assignments. The workshop focused on creating and configuring word documents, spreadsheets, images and audio to submit onto blackboard as well as how to collect, review and provide feedback of assignment grades to the students.

Professor Mohamed Yusuf Hassan, College of Business and Economics, gave a workshop on Big Data Cleaning, attended by 32 participants. The objective of the workshop was to explore some of key problems of messy big data and to use tidy data techniques to transform messy data in to a proper format to facilitate its analysis. In data science, tidy data is one of the most effective cleaning processes during big data processing. 

Titled ‘Manage your Time Wisely: Hints for Busy Academics”, a workshop was presented by Dr. Arif Cevic, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, with 12 participants to discuss the fundamentals of time management, and creating time-efficient schedules. The workshop incorporated several activities in which the participants applied their own busy schedules with the tools suggested by the presenter to manage and organize their schedules efficiently.

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