Promoting a Tolerance culture at UAE schools: the vibrant role of teachers

Workshop at the College of Education, UAEU

The College of Education at the UAEU has organized a workshop on " Promoting a Tolerance culture at UAE schools: the vibrant role of teachers" presented by Dr. Sara Al Aleeli, Curriculum and Instruction Department. The UAE students were able to recognize the concept of tolerance and its importance in the UAE society.

As the UAE is one of the pioneer societies that has cultural diversity and is open to different civilizations, where the diverse nationalities are living here with affection and harmony as well as the experience of the UAE is the most profound among the world countries in establishing peaceful coexistence among all and this was laid by the late Founder Father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace, believing in these values.

In addition, the workshop discussed the role of teachers in spreading the concept of tolerance within schools and strengthening and transforming it into practical behavior in the educational field through the development of study plans in numerous subjects with the aim of reducing the manifestations of prejudice among students and promote respect for the convictions of others and the conduct of respecting others. In addition, a real-world lesson in the English language under the title "Power of the Word" was presented to serve the topic as well as promoting the concept of tolerance and respect for different cultures among the students of the first cycle in the UAE.  

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Oct 3, 2019