United Arab Emirates University sends a student delegation to Aalto University in Finland

To enhance leadership, innovation and support students' creativity

Within the students’ leadership program which was officially launched last February, a team of UAEU students have conducted a scientific visit to the Aalto University in Finland, which was for two weeks. This scientific visit focused on leadership and innovation, including a number of innovative workshops on various issues such as professional development, acquiring comprehensive skills and developing aptitudes, enabling graduates to easily integrate into the work system, and providing them with an extensive list of learning and development opportunities during the program. 

One of the students, Habiba Ahmed al Naqbi –College of Law student, said “UAEU is a supportive university which develops our skills and incubates our creativity, giving us the opportunity to go on this trip which was a turning point in our personalities and inspired us a lot, where the workshops were intensive and included innovative methods like the use of games instead of relying on the traditional way of presentation, and unique visits such as the design factory visit, an integrated place that supports the creativity of students that lies in their minds, by providing the ideal environment to turn their ideas into reality.”

"I have learned a lot of skills on this journey, as I got extensive experience in leadership, how to analyze and explore the characters, set goals and how to plan them with mastery, entrepreneurship and their impact on the individual and society " said Shaima Ali Al Ketbi , College of Education about the programs that included design, art, invention and creativity.  Whilst her colleague Sheikha Ali Al Shehhi expressed her pleasure in being given the opportunity to participate in this scientific visit, "The program was fruitful and has included many workshops and meetings with prominent personalities locally and internationally, as well as field visits to universities and private sector corporations related to leadership, creativity and innovation.”  Buti Khamees Al Muhairi, a Political Science Student said, "My experience on this trip to Finland experience was unique and it was a new challenge that opened up many horizons, as the first workshop in the scientific journey about self-leadership and awareness, which was a starting point to know aspects of my personality I did not know and discover the way towards becoming better”.

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