United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) takes part in the International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2019) with innovative projects

The United Arab Emirates University has participated in the largest International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2019), from February 17-21 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre, in the presence of HE Prof. Mohamed Al Baili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, a number of faculty members, innovators, researchers, and students.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili emphasized that "The International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2019) is a global platform for the presentation of smart applications, research projects and UAEU innovative projects for students and ICT researchers, defense and military industries and their various systems, and these works are confirming the country's entrepreneurship in the field of defense industries. allowing the opportunity to promote innovation and the transformation of many research projects into startups to enhance the vision of leadership ,the excellence in scientific research at the global and international level according to the strategic plan of the country for Science 2021, It also conducts a strategic partnership that serves country’s direction towards the production and localization of the defense industries, and provides an opportunity for those interested, researchers and students to see the up-to-date in modern technology in the era of the fourth industrial revolution and to get benefit from the diverse experiences in this Critical area of interest.

It is worth mentioning that this year UAEU has participated with a number of innovative projects in the fields of defense and technology industries. The IT College presented the Smart Autonomous Transportation Systems where the main objective is to model an integrated cyber-physical system that consists of smart agents that act autonomously and cooperate among themselves to accomplish complex tasks. These agents include physical, software-based, human, and other components. The model addresses logistic, optimization, planning, and AI-related issues. It can be used in civilian as well as military contexts.

Moreover, UAEU exhibitors will also showcase solutions for Cooperative Aerial-Ground System for Path Discovery and Planning in a disaster situation where UAVs tightly cooperate and communicate with other ground vehicles with the common objective to execute a specific mission that may require distributed and coordinated tasks. They will also present a customized Drone “GeoDrone” that provides data capture and processing features to meet a variety of end-user asset inspection and site survey requirements in civilian as well as military contexts.

During IDEX 2019 exhibitors from UAEU will showcase a 3D Teleoperated Robot for multi-military duty that can be controlled remotely by an operator body motion wearing a smart suit. It enables it to control the robot by simulating the movement of the body and applying it remotely. It is worth mentioning that this project is the result of the research cooperation between the research teams at the university and the company of Etimad Holding co.

The Information Systems Department has reviewed the "Remote Management / Online Remote Control for Activities" project, which aims to allow administrators to remotely monitor  Internet users' activities, provide some security features to protect them against intrusions, and improper use by users . The project also provides programs for user protection and remote control, and this project has many applications in both security and civilian fields. This feature allows checking automatically of the IP address to check network connectivity, taking screenshots of the user's device, opening the device's camera, voice recording, and turning off the user's device so that users can be protected against undesirable behaviors.

In addition, the Computer and Network Engineering Department presented two projects, "Secure Sound to the End", a project that encodes and isolates voice conversations to provide privacy and security for conversations through the sound encryption system. It is a secure encryption solution that works by sound isolation. The project can be applied in the security and civilian fields, the "Military Inspector" project, which uses the drone, the artificial intelligence techniques to perform military observer functions for the military missions, and the supervision of transferring equipment and ammunition from one place to another, and make sure the distance is safe for the movement of personnel, equipment and access to the specific place, in order to achieve save time and resources, as well as the possibility of fast intervention by automatic alarm which reduces reliance on human staff for monitoring and surveillance.

The College of Science has participated with the project "GeoDrone", for the purposes of surveying and geological exploration developed by a research team at the university and was manufactured in the country in cooperation with the private sector. This aircraft and its ground station provide the possibility of capturing and processing data to meet a variety of user requirements, whether scientific, civil or security. In the course of data processing, a 3D model of subsurface geological layers and structures can be devised for exploration of minerals, groundwater, detection of buried effects, environmental pollution studies and detection of criminal and military investigations.

While the College of Engineering presented a "self-driving car" project to do various tasks in different natural conditions such as fog in a safe and independent manner, thus reducing the cost of mobility, infrastructure and raising the level of safety for passengers.

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