UAEU Launches ''Student Leadership'' program

Out of 100 qualified leaders per year

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has launched the student leadership program for university students so as to develop leadership skills of students and provide actual training on leadership at UAEU with a focus on personal growth and community involvement.  The program has provided seminars and interactive activities focused on developing the qualities eligible for a person to be a successful leader and able to achieve positive social change.

The program was launched in the presence of H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash, UAEU Chancellor, Prof. Mohamed Albaili,UAEU Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ateeq Jakkah Almansoori, Associate Provost for Students Affairs, and a number of faculty members and students.

H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash emphasized on the importance of the university student leadership program whereas the program is gaining strategic importance and future foresight, especially if the world starts today at an accelerated pace so future leadership has become a fundamental pillar to keep abreast of developments in communities and work on building unique and creative generation ideally in order to build an knowledge-based economy, and enhance the positive influence of the youth who are the future leaders.

H.E. Ghobash further added that we at UAEU focus through our vision and our strategy on students –future youth- who are at the centre of the educational process, and providing support, creating an attractive environment to make new generations aware of reality and developments and be innovative and entrepreneurial in line with a developed education system that enhances creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

For his part, Dr. Ateeq Jakkah Almansoori said that program is available to all university students and alumni as its considered a preparation for leadership development for both students and graduates through the work of the seminars that will develop their leadership skills in an interactive environment, as an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and experiments with nominated leaders from both inside and outside the country.

Dr Ateeq further stated that the aim of this project is to make a social change by changing the way people think. In addition to spreading the culture of non-hierarchical leadership model, which refers to the capability of everyone to be leaders, leadership has been understood as a collaborative process based on respect and appreciation of diversity. Also seeks to raise awareness of the responsibility and commitment to community leaders to promote social rapport.

A supportive team for the program:

It is noticed that the program is open to all undergraduate or graduate students who have the qualifications to join the supportive team where they would choose a leader who manages the program and provides students with the opportunity to practice leadership skills and take decisions to help them able to plan and implement their ideas and communicate with other leaders and decision makers within and outside the University.

It's worth mentioning that the program will deliver open seminars to all university students during the Spring and Fall semesters, where seminars will cover a wide range of topics that start with public speaking to conflict resolution and communication skills, and provide community services inside and outside the university to carry out these skills which they have received during the program’s duration, which paves the way for them to become certified.

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