United Arab Emirates University Launches UAEU Passport, University-Wide Blockchain Applications to Streamline Student Services

Releasing its blockchain applications, UAEU Passport, for all students and alumni has made the United Arab Emirates University the first institution in the world to go live on such a large scale.

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates– United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) announced the roll-out of blockchain applications for digital academic records to all students and alumni across the university. With this development, the university has pioneered the most comprehensive initiative of its kind in the world, closely aligned with the ambitious national blockchain strategy.

“This successful roll-out of new blockchain applications reinforces our commitment to innovation and superior student services. This ground-breaking accomplishment, coordinated across the Division of IT, Admissions, and Registration, marks a new chapter in our digital transformation,” said Prof. Mohammed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor.

Launched the “UAEU Passport,” a new digital application that helps all students and alumni manage and share their academic records with complete digitization, flexibility, ownership, and security. This novel application illustrates the benefits of blockchain technology in education and for organizational efficiency.

Connected with several blockchain applications, the UAEU Passport is fully integrated with existing IT systems at the university. It offers a seamless way to request, manage, and share credentials such as transcripts and diplomas, making it easy for users to apply for job applications, research opportunities and more.

UAEU is leading the way in launching innovative student services under UAE Vision 2030 and the Emirates Blockchain Strategy. With significant coordination across all departments, it has successfully developed and implemented multiple blockchain applications for students and alumni, in addition to providing an online service to employers to verify the digital credentials.

“As the University of the Future, we recognize the need for smart digital transformation to accelerate and enhance student outcomes under the UAEU’s Strategy. We are proud of our smart services initiatives and see the UAEU Passport as the natural outcome of continuous development in this area,” said Afra AlShamsi, UAEU Chief Information Officer.

United Arab Emirates University is setting a global example of how blockchain can add value in education with the shift towards a more student-centric approach to academic credentialing.

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