With the participation of 350 students from numerous schools in the UAE, the summer program was launched at the UAEU

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education the UAEU Summer Program, which was held over two weeks with the participation of more than 350 students from various UAE schools has been concluded.

 Prof. Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, stressed the importance of the UAE’ Flagship University's embrace of the summer program, which is a rich opportunity for school students to realize their skills, improve their abilities and hone their talents in the academic, technical, leadership, life, effective communication and daily interaction with real academics and authentic experience of university life.

The Vice Chancellor pointed out that the UAEU affirms its keenness to strengthen mutual efforts and activate the bonds of collaboration with the Ministry of Education through qualifying competencies and enhancing skills to meet the requirements of the UAE National Agenda 2021 and achieve its centennial plan 2071. He added that working to enhance their skills has strengthened the UAE's position to be at the forefront of global competitiveness.

For his part, Dr. Ateeq Jakka Al-Mansouri, Associate Provost for Student Affairs, said that the summer program was a great success to the students, as the university has provided various facilities to participants, including all facets of scientific, sports, and cultural as well as social and recreational trips intended at improving leadership, developing talents and enrich their skills in all fields. He also pointed out that the summer program sought to raise the level of awareness of the importance of the use of leisure time through extracurricular activities and also provided students with the opportunity to live on campus, which created a daily interaction with the scientific, academic atmosphere, living university life and achieved its goal through meaningful and useful programs that revealed the talents and aptitudes of creativity, innovation and leadership.

Moreover, we have focused on simulating real life of university, introducing participants to university programs, independence and stimulating thought and potentials through their programs, including applied techniques and flight simulation, language skills in both Arabic and English, mathematics, and scientific programs dealing with fun physics. Geology, remote sensing, three-dimensional printing, hydroponics and drones, and providing special programs for artistic activities such as graphic art for comics and sports programs such as bicycles, karate, swimming, football, basketball and self-defense. He thanked all those who contributed to the summer program.

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