With the participation of elite international experts, UAEU organizes its 3rd Emirates Digestive Diseases International Conference

Under the patronage of H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash, UAEU Chancellor. UAEU organized the 3rd Emirates Digestive Diseases International Conference which was held at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai on Thursday 28 March 2019 and lasted for three days, with the participation of leading academics and a number of representatives from universities and medical research centers from numerous countries. This conference, hosts a group of leading scientists in the field of gastroenterology, including Professor Matthew Cramp, President of the British Society of Liver Diseases, Dr. Yutaka Saito, Head of Endoscopy Development unit at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo in addition to 35 international and local speakers in numerous fields and disciplines of gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy.

In his keynote speech, Prof. Gordon C, Baylis, Associate Provost for Research, said, "The UAE attaches great importance to supporting and developing the health sector and providing the best medical personnel, thus making the country among the developed countries in the medical field, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of the digestive diseases. UAEU is the leading national university in providing vocational training programs for medical students, postgraduate students, and specialized physicians by supporting specialized medical research, professional development programs and internationally accredited medical conferences.’

Prof. Charles B. Cairns, Dean, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAEU expressed his pride at the organization of this major scientific event which has been done by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, which stems from its keenness of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences to provide the best training programs for its students in order to achieve the vision and mission of the college of promoting the growth model exchange experiences through the establishment of specialized seminars and the opportunity for physicians to learn about the latest developments in research and medical studies and support medical research programs aimed at serving the community .

Dr. Ali Al-Fazari, Associate Professor of Gastroenterology at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Chairman of the Conference, said that “The growing spread of digestive diseases worldwide has led to a steady improvement in medical research and diagnostic and therapeutic methods and techniques in the last few years. He added: The UAE is always endeavoring to employ modern innovations and international experiences in the service of citizens and residents in the field of prevention, diagnosis and early interventions.”

Dr. Al-Fazari further noted that organizing this important medical event comes from the awareness of the university represented in the college of Medicine and Health Sciences, in contributing vigorously in the use of knowledge in the service of community development to inform doctors and medical students and researchers of the up-to-date practices in the diagnosis and treatment of the digestive system diseases and the methods of laparoscopic surgery and giving them the experience and concrete skills of devices with binoculars.

The chair also pointed out that medical science has grown very quickly in numerous countries worldwide, which makes it essential for specialists, specifically in the field of gastroenterology, Hepatology and endoscopy, to see the growths in the data and the results of research and studies related to these diseases and diagnostic methods and treatment according to the latest international standards.

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