A solid chart of the UAE map is presented by Geology students, UAE University

The College of Science, UAEU has launched the Open Day for Geology Students to endorse the development of students' skills and enrich their geological information with the participation of a number of faculty members and students. The students have presented a map of the UAE in detail with each area having a "code" that is photographed by a student.

 After the survey, a question about the area is presented and must be answered. If the answer is correct, the student will receive a geology book to enrich the knowledge about the geology of the UAE.

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, has pointed to the importance of such activities and events to the students so as to strengthen their role in serving the community and joining the practical side in the programs of the college through the theoretical aspect within training workshops and various scientific events to fortify the practical and professional aspects of them. Besides, building the student's scientific profile and opens up prospects for knowledge of the up-to-date developments in the science and geology of the UAE. He also stressed that the Department of Geology at the UAEU seeks to be one of the most important departments and to be at the level of international colleges with its high-level competences, rich experiences and scientific, standardized and equipped laboratories.


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Mar 10, 2019