Launching the UAEU Future Job Foresight Forum

Foreseeing the future of UAEU

H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash-UAEU Chancellor, launched the UAEU Future Job Foresight Forum which was organized by the university. The forum was held its activities over three days and it aimed to explore future careers to enhance awareness of the challenges ahead due to the fourth industrial revolution, artificial Intelligence, which will shape perceptions about jobs that depend on the skills and knowledge developed to promote economic progress, social development, professional performance capable of employing techniques, and provide students with the skills to cope with the requirements of the labor market

H.E Saeed Ahmed Ghobash confirmed that UAEU Future Job Foresight Forum has strategic importance and significant role in foreseeing the future, as future innovation has become a fundamental pillar to keep abreast of developments and embrace the future plans for the improvement of education in all stages and link outcomes with the needs and developments in the future labor market communities to meet the needs of inclusive and sustainable development.

He added that the launching of the fourth industrial revolution strategy has required an educational system that works on this strategy and to be in line with rapid developments and new requirements so that building human resources requires changing methods of teaching students and preparing them for the future by developing Higher Education syllabus targeted to labor market requirements, and the UAE Vision, 2021.

He also added that we are at UAEU are constantly working on the development of the education system by focusing on the use of contemporary techniques in education to be a digital curriculum as we apply stylish systems adopt academic programs and launching new programs, in addition to developing and reviewing the existing programs to reflect future paths for the UAE at the level of the public sector and the private sector in accordance with a developed education system that enriches creativity, innovation and foreseeing the future.

In the editorial session, Naama Al Kaabi- the UAEU Future Job Foresight Forum project manager discussed the initiative of establishing the idea of ​​the project "Future Job Foresight Forum" at UAEU in cooperation with several governmental and private agencies. The requirements of the future and the fourth industrial revolution to enhance the efforts of the country in fulfilling the requirements of the national agenda in building the knowledge economy and human resource development, which our leadership has adopted in the leadership of the future.

She said that this forum held at the flagship university, “the University of the Future” meets the requirements of the ambitious national vision in looking ahead, preparing Emirati cadres capable of facing challenges and actively participating in building the knowledge-based economy.

From her part, Shamma Al Kaabi – UAEU employee & Deputy Project Manager for the forum stated that UAEU supports all initiatives that allow its students to develop their skills and abilities to participate in building the future and sustainable development process adopted by our wise government across the UAEU platform.

 This forum hosted a number of prominent figures at both national and global level to address issues related to future opportunities and challenges, as well as analysis from a scientific and future perspective. The first session included a session titled "The Future of Jobs in the Oil and Gas Sector" by Hatem Nusseibeh, CEO of Total I&P. Whilst the second session on Future Jobs 2040 was presented by Dr. Sulaiman Mohammed Al Kaabi, CEO of Future Foresight Foundation.

The sessions focused on the future strategy of the UAE on topics such as the future of human capital, youth, technology, intelligent systems, sustainability, environment, climate change, future infrastructure, transportation, future health, education, sustainable development, future of a positive and positive life environment, future of energy, economic and commercial security, future government and government services and the future of international relations as well as political and future security of water and food security electronic.

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