UAEU’s National Space Science and Technology Center represented the UAE at the COSPAR

The National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has been a member of the International Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) in order to represent the UAE in the International Space Cooperation Organization (COSPAR).

H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash, UAEU Chancellor, stressed that the NSSTC’s membership of the COSPAR will empower the Center and researchers at UAEU to have access to international expertise and research in space science, an exceptional opportunity to build strategic and vibrant partnerships with research centers. As well as contribute globally to the development of national capabilities in space technology and research, which supports a sustainable national economy and serves the policy of national space sector.

Dr. Khalid Al Hashimi, Director of the National Space Science and Technology Center at UAEU, pointed out the importance of this membership, as it will provide the Center with opportunities to exchange international experiences with other international centers and universities in the field of technology and space science.

For her part, Iman Al-Shamsi, a research assistant at NSSTC and researcher in charge of the UAE File, said that the university is keen to raise the level of scientific research in all fields in general, and in the field of space science and technology in particular, as a result, the membership of COSPAR will contribute to strengthen our position in Research community at both local and global levels. In addition to thaT, COSPAR is an international space research cooperation committee established in 1958 that seeks to exchange results, data and views on space research. According to its charter, the biennial meetings and events is a major venue for developing and expanding partnerships between individuals and nations seeking space science research. Over the decades, these meetings have proved to be the premier forum for delivering the most significant results in space research and gathering the largest collection of research in space science.

The National Center for Space Science and Technology at UAEU seeks to develop national research programs in space science and technology, conduct advanced research, educate and train specialized national cadres, innovate techniques and knowledge in space science and technology as well as promote the culture of space science and technology through educational programs, fairs and activities.

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