PhD Students Teaching Academy Program

In collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies, the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) launched UAEU’s inaugural PhD Students Teaching Academy Program in Spring 2019. This is a blended program developed to prepare PhD students to start a teaching career in academia. It allows graduate students to learn how to manage large and small classes, and gain hands-on experience with a range of teaching and learning pedagogies, instructional technologies and best practices.

The program is founded on the fact that it is common for graduate students to teach on top of their work on research and course work. Teaching enables PhD students to develop a range of transferable skills which building up vital work experience if they decide to have a career in academia.Teaching can also help PhD students to learn how to communicate their own research findings to a range of different audiences.

The PhD Students Teaching Academy Program consists of four modules over two semesters: Foundation of Teaching at UAEU, Student-Centered Course Design, Instructional Material Development and Pedagogical Practice, and Apprenticeship and Teaching Practicum. Each module consists of five two-hour sessions except the last module which is a full semester apprenticeship. Graduate students who successfully finish this program will be qualified to become future faculty.

The goals of the PhD Students Teaching Academy Program are to:

  • Familiarize the participants with the teaching environment, culture, and infrastructure at UAEU.
  • Provide participating graduate students with a strong emerging pedagogical foundation upon which they can build and innovative across their teaching career.
  • Enable the participants to acquire knowledge of teaching techniques, instructional technologies, and assessment methods.
  • Share the most effective, evidence-based classroom practices in UAEU to facilitate effective and efficient teaching.
  • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge about student learning, teaching, assessment, evaluation and curriculum design to your practice.

Some of UAEU’s leading experts in emerging approaches to teaching & learning were invited to deliver this program, including:

  • Urwa Tariq
  • Azhar Mahmohd
  • Prof. Hassan Selim
  • Dr. Tendai Charles
  • Prof. Ali Shehadeh
  • Mr. Mohammad Qatrawi
  • Prof. Walid Ibrahim
  • Mr. John Hinchliffe
  • Dr. AbdarRahmanAlmekhlafi
  • Mr. Robert Hodgdon
  • Dr. Shujun Jiang

UAEU College Deans nominated some of the best PhD students at UAEU to participate in this program, including:

  • Urwa Tariq
  • Azhar Mahmohd
  • Khadega Al Maqdi
  • Serene Dominic
  • Zeina Al Mahairi
  • Hira Shakoor
  • Mohd. Madi Ahmed
  • TetianaHabuza
  • Sameera Al Hosani
  • Mohammed H. Alzard
  • Saif Al Neyadi
  • Nasloon Ali
  • Halima Ali
  • Omar Abbas Najm
  • Faiza Hashim
  • Alaa Alachkar
  • Saada Bin Amro
  • Asma Hassani
  • Aisha Hamad
  • NighatPerveen
  • Alfan Al Ketbi
  • AbdinAbdinElamin
  • Nancy Kachouh
  • Sanabil Hassan
  • JuharAbdella


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