UAEU celebrates a year before the launching of Expo 2020

Launching the official website of the UAEU in Expo 2020

The UAEU has inaugurated the official website in Expo 2020 under the slogan "Discover, Develop and Cooperate” in the presence of H.E. Prof. Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, a number of leadership and students .They celebrated the start of the countdown of 1 year till Expo 2020 and the University’s participation with its own pavilion in this great event for the UAE at the global level, where the University will showcase the higher education and scientific research in the country. UAEU’s participation is considered part of the preparation work for launching “the University of the Future", a new and innovative concept of higher education in the Arab world.

Moreover, the program included the launching of the official website of the UAEU in Expo 2020 under the slogan "Discover, Develop and Cooperate", as well as a digital countdown timer that will be displayed on campus in the run-up to the opening event.

H.E. Prof. Mohamed Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, stressed that Expo 2020 is one of the greatest events in both the UAE and the region, an event that everyone is proud to be a part of and that the launch of the UAEU Expo 2020’s official website is in line with the vision and strategy of the University with regards to collaborating with numerous national institutions and entities, aiming to create a link among students and executive entities and informing the public about the services provided by the University and its achievements in the fields of higher education, scientific research and community service, as well as the innovations of the students and researchers. UAEU – the University of the Future - is committed to leadership and scientific excellence so as to achieve the vision of the wise leadership in achieving sustainable development and aligning the contemporary trends in the implementation of developmental projects because the University possesses distinctive scientific potential which is evident in the University’s vision towards leadership and innovation in higher education, research, community service at the national and international levels which contributes to building the knowledge-based economy and employing it to achieve society progress and prosperity.

It is worth mentioning that the University has established a permanent hub for Expo 2020 in the UAEU Science and Innovation Park, where it will host regular events to engage and inspire the internal and external community about the participation of the UAEU in this global event, to promote active participation, collaboration and exchange of inspiring and innovative ideas and thoughts in the university platform.

In addition to this, 30 students from various Arab and African universities will be nominated to participate in a unique six-month Pathfinder Lifestyle Change Program at Expo 2020. Students participating in Pathfinders will be the first to experience the highly advanced curriculum at the University of the Future. The program is designed to connect and enable participants and assistants to participate and address challenges related to the sub-themes of Expo 2020: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, and discovering outstanding traits in themselves, and the ability to bring their solutions to the market. It also allows visitors to accompany them on an educational experimental research trip which helps them to discovering their original nature as a traveler. Hence, they live moments of leadership and excellence to achieve high ambitions to challenge themselves and their abilities.


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