Conclusion of The International Conference on Engineering Geophysics, UAEU

Conference: Rising the use of geophysical satellite information for comprehensive groundwater studies in the country the use of artificial intelligence to support and improve geophysical studies

The 5th International Conference on Engineering Geophysics, which concluded yesterday, has recommended the importance of rising the use of geophysical satellite information for detailed groundwater studies in the country. Linking geophysical studies with geotechnical drilling in order to obtain more accurate information regarding subsurface structures to avoid problems related to infrastructure and the importance of using artificial intelligence to support and develop geophysical studies, and including of engineering and environmental geophysics in academic programs. The conference, which was held from 21-24 October at the United Arab Emirates University in cooperation with the Municipality of Al Ain City, focused on the global innovation of the local varieties, which was held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Tahnoun bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in Al Ain Region. The conference concentrated on innovative works in the field of environmental and engineering geophysics. Participants from the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, the GCC and other countries were able to exchange experiences and ideas, discuss future goals, raise public awareness of the importance of the field of geophysics and its applications. Climate change and the role of geophysics in solving climate problems, in addition to reviewing new and innovative ideas linking artificial intelligence and geophysics such as creating an electronic platform for the use of varied information of geophysics in the exploration of oil and water, and the review of innovative ideas for teaching methods of Geophysics and its role in climate change.

For his turn, Prof. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, UAEU, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the conference, confirmed the prestigious international status of the conference as one of the foremost conferences in the world in the field of engineering geophysics. This points to the confidence of specialists in this field in the UAEU and the extent to which the University pursues to achieve its scientific objective by contributing to such important scientific discussions and supporting the UAE vision to build a diversified economy based on sustainability. Developing the field of engineering geophysics, which is a fundamental factor in the country's urban and economic sector, helps the field of geophysics to identify underground geological structures that can pose potential risks without the need to radically change the features of the sites. Therefore, these applications are essential in the field of construction, archeology, environmental sector etc.

For his part, Prof. Richard Miller, President of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, pointed out the importance of this collaboration with the UAEU as a leading academic and research institution at the local and global level and keep pace with developments in educational systems, research and future needs. Besides, he refers to the importance of the conference in focusing on Engineering Geophysics which has a great impact on the methods used to detect the locations of subsurface structures. He did a presentation on the developments of the various applications of engineering geophysics.

 Collaboration agreement with China

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the International Conference on Engineering Geophysics at the UAEU and the International Conference on Engineering and Environmental Geophysics at Chinese Universities aiming at building a strategic partnership with Chinese universities that are pioneers in the field of Geophysics, Environment and Engineering. The conference is part of collaboration between the UAEU and the University. In order to exchange experiences, knowledge, best practices and technology to contribute to the development of geophysical sciences, especially near-surface sciences, research projects will be presented at the conference in China from 10th up to 13th June 2020.

The participation of Emirati researchers in the conference

The conference has been attended by a number of Emirati researchers, UAEU who presented various research papers and geological research posters, where 5 researchers from UAEU present a research poster on the study of the geological characteristics of the "Barzman" component in an area near the Al Ain city airport by electrical resistance. Dr. Dalal Al Shamsi -UAEU has Presented a scientific paper on the changes in the concentrations of radioactive uranium on groundwater in the areas between the cities of Al Ain and Dubai.

Research Award

At Qasr Al Muwaiji, The Conference Organizing Committee has honored the winners of the best research award Ceremony, scientific publications and the distribution of prizes and financial awards. They are: 1st place student Sarah Merton, University of Kansas& Second place; Researcher, Zibing Hu , China, who presented a research entitled Radar imaging to detect targets through multiple inputs and multiple outputs. This new design gives the extent of clarity of high-quality radar images of objects with clarity of identity besides, Researcher, Fatima Haji - UAEU also received the Best Poster Award for her research on the use of magnetic method and two-dimensional electrical imaging to explore and study the phenomenon of Al Qusais Lake southwest of Al Ain.

Corporate Exhibition

The latest devices and applications in the field of geophysical engineering survey were exhibited by 21 national and international companies and institutions.


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