Launching of the UAEU Students Festival

With the contribution of a number of entities and organizations

the UAEU “Students Festival”  which is organized by the students was launched yesterday and will continue for 3 days.

Dr. Ateeq Al Mansoori, Associate Provost for Students’ Affairs, stated that this outstanding idea by the students allows them to explore new horizons and enhances their experiences and skills as extracurricular activities are a fundamental part of the contemporary educational process that allows students to experience life and engage with the external community. He added, "The UAEU encourages students to participate in such cultural activities and community services that enhances their leadership decision-making in order to be future leaders."

For his part, Mohammed Al Dhaheri, one of students that are part of the festival organizing committee, said that:  “We have gained a lot of skills and knowledge from organizing this festival, which enables us to build our leadership skills, sharpen up our personalities, realize our capabilities and talents to develop them.

The festival witnessed the participation of a large number of entities, organizations and institutions, which included a number of activities, community initiatives such as K9 dog show, awareness lectures for students on traffic safety and violation systems to spread awareness and security culture among students.

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Oct 10, 2019