UAEU Vice Chancellor meets with the new students for the academic year 2019/2020

The UAEU Vice Chancellor during his welcoming meeting with the new students, stressed on the importance of university education and the role of youth in building the nation. He stated, “We are proud of you and looking forward to your persistence and perseverance to take part in building both the society and the country”.

Prof. Albaili, UAEU Vice Chancellor, has welcomed the new batch of students who were admitted this academic year, and conveyed to them the regards of H.E. Saeed Ahmed Ghobash, UAEU Chancellor and his wishes for success in their scientific career, and thanked them for choosing UAEU to continue their academic and professional career ،

In addition, H.E. Prof. Albaili provided the new students with guidance stressing on the need to abide by the regulations, policies, systems and laws adopted at the university, “the University of the Future”, to ensure the proper conduct and organization of the educational learning process. This stage will depend on discussion and scientific research, which differs from the educational stages in schools, a stage that requires high skills and capabilities, the student has the biggest role to draw from the springs of knowledge and science in order to contribute to constructing the ideal model to which we aspire to wise leadership, this is a prestigious university, and the quality of its outstanding academic programs in the production of knowledge, scientific research and innovation. The United Arab Emirates University offers programs that keep pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and are in line with the UAE National Agenda.

Moreover, H.E. Prof. Albaili oriented the new students on the university leadership and the Deans of the Colleges, stressing the keenness of the university leadership and staff to provide everything that serves the students during their academic career to listen to the views, ideas, proposals and initiatives of the students and to dialogue with them closely and answer their queries. He also stressed the significance of students' commitment to perseverance, diligence and carefulness, as well as obligation to the UAEU regulations and laws.


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