The United Arab Emirates University offers a new academic program "Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Data Analytics" starting in January 2021.

The new program has been designed with extensive Industry input and focuses on statistical and analytical modeling, with an emphasis on practical application.

College of Business and Economics in UAEU announced the offering of a new Bachelor's program in Statistics and Data Analytics, starting from January 2021. This program introduces the cutting edge concepts, methods and tools of collecting, processing, and analyzing data.

Dr. Saeed Aldahmani, Chair of the Department of Analytics in the Digital Era, said that this program aims to graduate students who are able to discover hidden patterns in data and generate actionable insights. Building on the fundamental concepts of probability and statistical inference, the program provides the fundamental background, as well as the modern techniques such as “R” for statistics and data analytics. This program is the right program at the right time in light of the efforts of many companies and institutions to invest money and efforts in order to obtain and analyze data, and then adjust their strategies and plans based on the preferences of their customers. One of the aims of this program is to make students aware of practical applications such as Big Data Analytics which is an attempt to process a variety of data to reveal any information that helps business owners and managers make informed and efficient decisions.

The Department Chair indicated that the program mainly focuses on real-world applications, and the enrichment of lecture materials through diverse statistical and analytical modeling courses developed using extensive industry input and benchmarking with the best programs. Dr Saeed Dahmani added that the program consists of 121 credit hours and students can expect to graduate in 4 years. The graduates will have comprehensive knowledge of statistics concepts and data analytics, apply concepts to solve problems using real-world data, and integrate modeling and computation skills in statistical and data analysis to develop comprehensive solutions. In addition to statistical and computational analysis and interpretation, students will learn application of teamwork skills and creativity, and  demonstrate independence and responsibility in the tasks and projects that are undertaken in statistics and data analytics, such as data ownership, security and sensitivity of data, privacy in data analysis, transparency and reproduction.

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