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208 research papers at the UAEU Annual Research and Innovation

208 research papers at the UAEU Annual Research and Innovation

Mon, 6 June 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

With the participation of 96 researchers, the launching of the UAEU Annual Research and Innovation, 2020.

The launching of the activities of the “UAEU Annual Research and Innovation” at the United Arab Emirates University , on February 4-5, to highlight new issues and research related to water resources science, space science, material sciences, innovation in cellular and molecular biology, and innovation in mathematics. In the presence of HE Saeed Ahmed Ghobash – UAEU Chancellor - and a number of UAEU leaders, College deans, faculty members and students, in addition to a number of speakers and dedicated experts from various institutions and speakers from the United States of America, Britain, Russia, Poland, universities and international research centers.

For his part, HE Saeed Ahmed Ghobash – UAEU Chancellor - emphasized that innovation aims to enhance the government's orientations based on its strategic plan to shift to a knowledge-based and innovation-based economy for the numerous critical sectors the year 2030 and prepare for fifty years. As well as monitor the challenges facing the production of high-quality research in the country and the region in a matching manner with the rapid growth of the economies of emerging countries and increasing standards of competitiveness in building the knowledge-based economy through three main pillars: scientific research, technical development, and innovation.

Besides, He pointed out that the one and foremost goals of the conference is to present the most recent scientific research to faculty members, graduate, and undergraduate students, to get benefit from the outputs of scientific research in developing and disseminating knowledge. As well as to define the university's role in the field of scientific research and innovation, and to strengthen cooperation in the field of scientific research and innovation among the university, bodies, and Research centers , various locally and globally institutions - showcasing the University's achievements in innovation and patents.

In his opening remarks, he said that the UAE government adopted the advanced version of the National Innovation Strategy in February 2018. It is a new phase based on empowering people by focusing on goals and outcomes in seven areas; Exploration, future skills, quality of health, living and life, green power, mobility, and technology to serve the human being. The strategy aims to develop a thinking style that encourages experience and planned risks in both public and private motivates us to move from the concept of good life to the comprehensive concept of wellbeing of whole life, which takes part in supporting the UAE vision 2021 and achieving the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071.

Moreover, He noted that the holding of this scientific conference in this year comes in line with the university's interest in qualitative research and making innovation a rooted culture among researchers and students. The university's enthusiasm to achieve the strategic goals of the country and draw its future effectively and professionally by providing applicable innovative projects in the fields of technologies and renewable energy Transportation, the health sector, education and space science. He said that We look forward to this conference through the presence of an elite group of scientists, researchers, and specialists, sharing ideas and experiences, exchanging visions and experiences that take part in addressing challenges, as you know that science is advancing rapidly and there is a knowledge explosion and every day we hear and witness about innovations and inventions.

From this standpoint, we thought that we hold this important scientific conference to discuss innovation and the significance of employing innovation in scientific research with the broad participation of distinguished scientists and researchers representing a number of bodies, institutions, universities and research centers worldwide.

For his part, Prof. Ahmed Murad - Acting Associate Provost for Research- mentioned that research and innovation are a major factor in the rapid development and transformation that constitute the future of the country. As the UAEU is the first university in the country, it plays a significant role in contributing to the development and providing innovative solutions to many issues. He added the conference of annual research and innovation at the UAEU is an expression of our commitment to lead positive change.

It highlights our progress in key priority areas, allows for intellectual exchange, and stimulates the further development of vital research programs. This year we have identified seven major topics in which research and innovation will be central to addressing the strategic priorities of the country: water resources science, space science, material sciences, innovation in cellular and molecular biology, sustainable development, and innovation in mathematics. Besides, this conference orbits around the future, to face common challenges. In addition, adding scientific value that enriches the conference and its results in line with the national agenda of the UAE for science and innovation.

In the opening session, Mr. Christophe Sassoulas, chair of Development at Total has presented a paper on building a partnership for the best innovative system in research and development of the ecosystem. Moreover, Dr. Stephen Tingai - Executive Director of the Serten Institute of Radio Astronomy, Perth University in Australia discussed the topic of exploring the universe using a radio telescope Square kilometer array.

Professor Sebel Ardoran of St. Croce College at Oxford University, UK also delivered a scientific symposium on "Enhancing the Skills of the 21st Century in Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” The Case of Controversy in Science Education". Also a lectures by Dr. Ashok Vaseashta, International Clean Water Institute - New Jersey State University , USA on Nexus of Technologies and the ecosystem for innovations in materials science to support sustainability and wellbeing.

It is noteworthy that 96 researchers representing the local and international universities, bodies and research centers participate in the conference.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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